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Great skin has to start somewhere. Microneedling, laser treatments and skin care...oh my!

You have been damaging your skin for 2, 5, 10 maybe even 20 years. Suddenly your skin is becoming more of a priority for you. But where do you go from here? Drastic is quick, expensive and usually not very comfortable. While depending on the skin condition, topical creams and serums may only lessen your concern. Having a solid skin care plan that takes your time, budget and tolerance into consideration is the best way to begin. Having a realistic timeline of about a year is a realistic expectation, a month is not.

Don’t get me wrong, any treatment will help to improve your skin. I mean something is better than nothing correct? But here’s the thing... You purchase a plant and it is lovely. You take it home, put it on the window sill and admire it. After awhile it’s not looking so good. Dry, wilting and looking pretty defeated. You wonder why, then continue to watch it struggle every day until eventually you just have to throw it out. So let’s put this into perspective. You pay $85-$150 a treatment at a skin care clinic for an exfoliation and hydrating facial. You get your treatment and your skin looks great. After about a week it starts to look dull. You feel as though maybe the treatment was just a waste of time and money and you can’t figure out why you’re back to square one. You don’t do anything and continue to be let down by little to no results. Now here’s the big question. What did you do to help your skin? Did you nourish it, exfoliate, follow post procedure rules, use products that suited the outcome of your goals or follow up with your treatment provider? Or, did you just get defeated?

A big issue I am starting to see on the internet is to just cover it up. What foundation can mask this acne? I need a good concealer for these pimples! Please help me to hide this sun damage! My eyes look so tired, help! We are getting so concerned with covering up our beautiful skin instead of treating it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could treat and correct your skin concerns? Maybe you don’t know what your options are? Maybe you didn’t know doing a few things differently can really improve your skin? I think the biggest misconception is that facial treatments and skin care can become expensive and time consuming. It may be just easier to cover it up than deal with the issue. This is completely not true. Back to the plant you bought.....will you try to water it, put it in direct sunlight, and somehow revive it with a quick fix? We all know that won’t work unless some miracle occurs.

Reaching out to a skin care professional or even two or three, is going to put you in a frame of mind to figure out what your options are. Making sure of course, they are trained and up to date on the latest trends and what doesn’t work. There are so many options. Microneedling, skin care, skin rejuvenation and so much more! You want to make sure the results are realistic to your goals. Having a skin care line that works and won’t break the bank is another issue you will face as well. Skin care products should be used for a month to make sure you have no adverse effects and your skin is flourishing in the direction you want it to. Spending upwards of $500 on a skin care line is not realistic to me. What is realistic is starting with a couple products and some no-downtime treatments to see how your skin reacts. You can then move on to other treatments that more target your concerns. You need to nourish, exfoliate and treat in between treatments to compliment your skin.

You can get your skin where you want it to be! Nothing will be perfect from the get go, but having all your options and having a budget set out will really help. It all starts with a direct skin consult with a professional. So what are you waiting for? Don’t throw in the towel on your skin. You need to start somewhere right?

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