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Here you will find the product information for LaminaDerm Results Driven Skin Care, available only at AWC Skin & Laser Studio. Please private message or call for shipping availability within Canada. Locally pickup is available through a scheduled appointment using Book Online as a Skin Consultation option. Please include a message in booking notes for appointment.



Active Cleansing Gel​     $38.00

Active Cleansing Gel (with AHA & BHA) is made up of a deep cleansing, oil-free formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities, and make-up. It helps exfoliates dead cells, due to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and natural enzymes. Active Cleansing Gel is recommended for normal-to-oily, oily, and problem skin types.

Gentle Cleansing Gel     $38.00

Gentle Cleansing Gel is specially formulated for normal to dry and sensitive skin. It cleans the face thoroughly, while moisturizing with natural botanical extracts. It dissolves dry, dehydrated layers from the skin's surface and helps promote smooth skin and a more even complexion. Use twice daily.

Cleansing Balm and Mask​     $50.00

Melts, washes away and dissolves make up and impurities without stripping the skin. Recommended for normal to dry, non problem skin. Moisture infused and makes the skin soft, calm and refreshed.

Glycolic Mud Cleanser     $40.00

A gentle PH balanced, facial cleanser recommended for non-sensitive, normal to dry and dry skin. It is highly effective due to the exfoliating properties of Glycolic Acid, Volcanic Mud and a blend of natural active botanical extracts. As well as being a great exfoliating cleanser, this product works perfectly as an exfoliating mask twice a week.


Aloe Cucumber Astringent​   $34.00/8oz

Aloe-Cucumber Astringent (alcohol free) helps tightens pores, smooth the appearance of the skin, and give the skin a finer, softer texture. Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Juice, Witch Hazel, and Horse Chestnut Extract help refine, tone, tighten, and protect the skin, while restoring the skin's natural pH and oil balance. Glycerin and Amino Acid Complex moisturize. Chlorophyll, Allantoin, and Ginseng possess soothing and healing properties. This product is very effective prior to make-up application to allow a matte, even, and long lasting finish. It also cools and soothes the skin. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. Use several times daily.


Revitalizing Cream​   $36.00

A regenerating and calming day and night cream recommended for normal to dry and irritated skin. Live Yeast Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, and Aloe Vera Gel provide soothing, oxygenating and healing properties. Prevents moisture loss and provides nourishment to the skin. Vitamin E and Vitamin A show skin renewal properties and help calm inflammation and refine pores. This product contains Pentapeptides for improved Collagen and Elastin production to further reduce and slow the formation of new lines and wrinkles. 

Azulene Day Cream​   $36.00 

Moisturizing, under make up cream for all skin types. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A show skin renewal properties and help to calm inflammation and refine pores. Recommended for combination and sensitive skin types.

*NEW* Multi Fruit Cream​   $40.00 (Coming in 2024)

A light, hydrating treatment cream for normal to oily and blemished skin. This moisturizer exfoliates, prevents the formation of blackheads, breakouts and inflammation associated with oily skin conditions.


*NEW* Vitanol​-A   $50.00 (Coming in 2024)

Encapsulated Retinol, Vitamin-C, Amino Acids and Beta Glucans to leave skin soft and smooth. Contains penta-peptides for collagen and elastin production, this further slows and reduces formation of new lines and wrinkles.  Suitable for all skin types. Use twice daily with a sunscreen for during the day time.

Vitamin C Serum​   $50.00

Vitamin C-Serum helps reduce visible signs of photo-aging, fight destructive, free radicals, and protect from damaging ultra-violet rays, resulting in re-textured, toned, and younger looking skin. Suitable for all skin types. Use twice daily.​

Lemon Water Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum   $40.00

Daily gel to serum super hydrator. Hyaluronic acid for skin plumping and rehydration. Multi-peptides for anti aging and skin strengthening. Ginseng extract that stimulates skin and combats fatigue. Finally, lemon extract for brightening and refreshing. This serum sits very well under make up as well! Recommended for all non-problem skin types.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum  $35.00

Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells. Contains Red Radish Root, which is a natural moisturizer and calming agent. This helps alleviate dry, cracked skin and reduce swelling. 

Almond Serum  $50.00

Almond Serum is a concentrated treatment that delivers a potent combination of pore refining, exfoliating, skin strengthening, calming, and brightening ingredients to smooth the complexion, lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and control oiliness and breakouts, while helping to even out the skin tone. It is recommended for normal, combination, oily, and non-sensitive skin types and may be beneficial for people suffering from Rosacea.

Fruit Enzyme Serum​   $50.00
Fruit Enzyme Serum is a unique, non-oily, natural enzyme system that loosens blackheads and exfoliates pores clogged by debris. It also hydrolyzes (dissolves) and exfoliates the dead cells of the outermost layer of the skin's surface. It is recommended for all types of non-sensitive skin and is particularly beneficial for problem, oily, pigmented, dull, and tired skin. This product stimulates cell renewal, improves skin texture and feel, increases cell turnover, enhances microcirculation, and has a light and fresh citrus scent. Use twice daily.

Blemish Control Gel   $50.00

Serum reduces shine, absorbs moisture and provides a long lasting smooth and non greasy matte finish. Encapsulated Tea Tree oil combines anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activities. Micro-sponge technology helps to absorb excess oil and assists wit time release delivery of muti-hydroxy acids for gentle exfoliation.


Microdermabrasion Cream​   $48.00

Micro-Dermabrasion Cream is a resurfacing treatment that gently exfoliates the skin to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This product utilizes the same crystals used in microdermabrasion machines and has a non-greasy, emollient, cream based formula. Use one to two times weekly.

Collagen Elastin Night Cream​   $48.00 

A luxurious and nourishing cream recommended for normal to dry, non-problem skin. Lactic acid for moisture binding, Sooths and softens the skin, helps to improve firmness and elasticity.

Probiotic Calming Cream   $48.00

Probiotic Calming Cream is a special blend of powerful, anti-aging, superfruit antioxidants, combined with the highest quality probiotics and peptides for effective, corrective care. When applied topically, the probiotic “good bacteria” helps soothe redness, reduce irritation, and make inflamed skin calm again. Peptides help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness, and give the skin a healthy glow. Use one to two times daily.

Under Eye & Neck Cream   $40.00

Under Eye & Neck Cream is a revitalising and fortifying treatment for the fragile tissues around the eyes and on the neck. This very emollient, non-greasy formula is designed to revive tiredness and fatigue around the eye area. It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, while increasing cell renewal to provide a smooth texture. It is also an excellent nourishing treatment for the around the lip area. Use a small amount in the morning and evening. Do not apply too close to the eyes.

Face Line Lift System​   $50.00

A new approach to anti-aging delivers a two phase facial rejuvenation system designed to smooth, fill, lift and improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles instantly. Contains concentrated active Multi-Peptides (12%) for long term benefits. PHASE ONE: Micro-Tensing Serum. Tightening wheat protein and seaweed provide immediate lifting action for a firmer skin appearance. PHASE TWO: Moisture Infusion Cream. Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, oxygen boosting Ginseng extract and Multi-Vitamins help to smooth, plump and add volume to the skin. Multi-Peptides help to improve the appearance and depth of fine lines caused by facial expression. A great pre-special event treatment with long term benefits from daily use.

Glycolic Hand & Body Lotion​   $46.00

Glycolic Hand and Body Lotion is a soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning lotion for the hands, arms, legs and body. It contains Glycolic Acid (7%) that, when applied daily, helps accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin cells and diminishes superficial sun damage. It is available fragrance-free or in Fruit, Citrus, Peach, or Coconut-Pineapple fragrances.


Azulene Soothing Mask   $42.00

Recommended for all skin types. very beneficial for sensitive skin as a decongestant and calming mask. Extracts from St.John's Blossoms, Arnica Blossoms and Calendula Blossoms help refine, tone, tighten and protect the skins moisture balance. Sodium PCA provides moisture binding activity.

Collagen Treatment Mask   $42.00

Luxurious and nourishing. It is recommended for normal, normal to dry, dehydrated, and undernourished skin. It helps reduce visible signs of aging, supplies vital nutrients to the skin, fights the effects of skin aging by helping supply skin with hydration and elasticity and promotes skin balance and comfort. Protect from moisture loss, provide nourishment to the skin, helps to calm inflammation, and refine pores. This mask contains Pentapeptides for improved collagen and elastin production to further reduce and slow the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

Skin Recovery Mask   $42.00

Anti-oxidant and multi-vitamin treatment mask. Designed to enhance microcirculation, improve epidermal regeneration and naturally brighten the skin. For skin moisture and oxygen intake this mask includes Sea Buckhorn Berry, nutrient rich Carrot Oil and Mango Butter. Recommended for normal, normal to dry, dehydrated and under nourished skin.

Cucumber Ice Sorbet Mask   $42.00

Cucumber Ice Sorbet is a gentle, facial, cooling gel. It is recommended as a calming and soothing regimen for all skin types, including sensitive skin. A natural synergy of Cucumber, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera Extracts provides an anti-irritant effect and helps reduces redness and inflammation associated with in-salon treatments or environmental pollutants. Use of this cooling gel masque helps prevent blemishes and promotes hydration. Use twice weekly.

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