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A Peel Does What Now? Acne treatments and more.

This post will go through a few topics explaining a peel, the benefits, precautions and how to care for your skin after treatment.


1. Stimulates collagen and elastin promoting firmer skin.

2. Helps to brighten dull, uneven and blotchy skin tone.

3. Exfoliates outer dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin.

4. Fights sun damage, age spots and discoloration.

5. Improves the appearance of acne blemishes, blackheads and large pores.

6. Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Reduces the appearance of blemishes.


1. Antibiotics, Accutane or oral steroids.

2. Keloid scarring.

3. Hair removal in the last 48 hours.

4. Cold sores or a health condition that effects the immune system.

5. Undergoing cancer treatments, chemotherapy or radiation.

What to expect!

The peel process helps slough off damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen an elastin in a controlled manner. Different peels are used to achieve different results and contain varying ingredients. It is up to the Aesthetician to choose a Peel that will work with your skin to achieve the desired result.

Post peel reactions can include any of the following; powdery white skin, swelling, inflammation, sensitivity and redness. These are all normal reactions just after a peel. Following the peel leading into a few days after, you can expect any of the following; gradual darkening of the skin, skin shedding/flaking and scabbing in rare instances. It is important to keep your skin clean and refrain from exfoliation until your Aesthetician tells you it is safe to do so. Like I said, all peels are different and skin reacts in different ways with each peel. Results of a peel do vary from person to person.

Here at Aesthetics With Cindy-Dawn the following Peels are used.

-Glycolic 10%

-Glycolic 20%

-Glycolic 30%

-Vitamin C 30%

-Lactic 20%

-Fusion Peel

-Jessner Peel

Care of your Peel

It is important not to exfoliate, either mechanically or physically for at least 7 days post treatment. Depending on the peel it may be shorter or longer. Your skin may feel a little tight and dry a few days after the Peel. Hydration with a Hyaluronic based serum and light moisturizer will help to normalize the skin.

Sunscreen should be used everyday up to 7 days post treatment. Disregarding this step can lead to hyperpigmentation issues, uneven skin tone and put you back to square one with your treatments. Home care is so important when trying to reach your skin goals. Full skin consults are completed before any skin treatment series to ensure client and Aesthetician are moving in the same direction.


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