Body Contouring and Lymphatic Drainage Packages



**With so many options available, please feel free to book a one-on-one consultation. There are options for just one treatment, but it is recommended to purchase a combo package to get the best results out of your treatments. Combo treatments come in 50 minute time frames to 95 minute time frames and will include 2 or more modalities. All treatments are non-invasive.

**With any of the below treatments it is highly recommended/required to do 30 minutes of exercise directly after your treatment(s).

Introductory pricing per treatment and introductory package pricing.


Package #1 $85.00/tx or 6 for $480.00

*Two small areas or 1 large area.

25 minute Cavitation and RF Treatment

25 minute UltraSmooth/Vacuum Detox Massage


25 minute Cavitation and RF Treatment

25 minute LipoX Treatment


Package #2 $105.00/tx or 6 for $580.00

*Two large areas or one large and two small areas.

25 minute EMS Treatment - Stomach only

or G5 Cellulite Target

25 minute Cavitation and RF Treatment

25 minute UltraSmooth/Vacuum Detox Massage


Package #3 $125.00/tx or 6 for $680.00

*Three large areas or two large areas and one small area.

25 minute EMS Treatment - Stomach only

or G5 Celluite Target

25 minute LipoX Treatment w Sauna

25 minute Cavitation and RF Treatment

15-20 minute Target UltraSmooth/Vacuum Treatment


30K Cavitation and RF Fat Burning 25 minutes $55.00/area

Information and Protocol

Two functions, Cavitation and Radio Frequency, are used in conjunction by damaging and potentially destroying fat cells. This treatment also increases lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, cell renewal and body contouring. RF converts electric energy into heat energy as cavitation causes fat cell oscillation to liquify contents. 30 minutes of brisk walking or exercise is recommended post treatment. UltraSmooth massage will also work to get the contents moving and excreted.

Duration is 30 minutes. Packages of 6 available.

EMS Muscle Stimulation 25 minutes $45.00/area

Information and Protocol


Electrode pads create electronic pulses to stimulate specific areas of the body. This electro-therapy effectively exercises muscles, relieves various body pains, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and help with body slimming/toning. It can treat all body areas like arms, abdomen, hip, thighs, calf, shoulders and back. This is an excellent way to add to your current exercise program.

Persons with implanted devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators cannot receive this treatment.

Duration 30-40 minutes. Packages of 6 available.

LipoX Low Level Fat Reduction 25 minutes $45.00/area

Information and Protocol

During each session, laser is used to target hardened fat tissue. The neighboring tissues, such as peripheral nerves and blood vessels, are left untouched. Laser Lipo works by penetrating the first few millimeters beneath the skin. This is where stubborn fat cells usually lie. The laser temporarily disrupts these fat cells so they can be ‘drained’. The cells contents will seep through the lymphatic system as triglycerides, which are a type of fat. This matter is then broken down, metabolized and expelled from the body through the urinary tract.

Are you a good candidate? About 25 pounds over your ideal weight. More concerned with "problem areas" than total-body weight loss as well as in good health with good skin elasticity.

Duration 30 minutes. 6-8 sessions are recommended and can be added to 30K Cavitation Ultrasound for best results. 

UltraSmooth Detox Massage 20-30 minutes $55.00-$65.00 


Information and Protocol


Looking for smoother, firmer thighs and buttocks? Feeling sluggish and tired? Looking to spend less and still get desired results? Reduce dimpling resulting from Cellulite. Flush out toxins and feel better. Sleep better. Relax.

UltraSmooth takes the theory of vacuum and massage to take you to the next level of body care.

Endermologie has been around for a long time. Used to flush toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is by no means a permanent solution, but maintenance appointments are more spread out. Follow recommendations and you'll be sure to see results! All packages (6+ treatments) include a guide to get the most out of each treatment. 

There are a few ways to take advantage of the UltraSmooth Detox and Cellulite Vacuum Massage. Average package is 6 treatments to start. Can be combined with any of the above treatments.

One time.


-Start flushing your body

-Create well being

6-8 times. Completed over two to three weeks concentrating on thighs and buttocks or area of concern.

-Reduce dimpling effect from overwhelmed fat cells

-Create lifting

-Flush out toxins

-Increase circulation

-Perfect for a special event

12-18 times. Completed over six to eight weeks.

-Full body relaxation.

-Flush out toxins

-Increase circulation

-Reduction in circumference

-Reduce dimpling effect from overwhelmed fat cells

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